Road To Dragons Hack

Road To Dragons Hack Story

Great Disaster strikes the world.

A world in which people fight dragons…

Over thousands of years, people had continued to fight a battle which came to its end each time, but many times. Founded upon great sacrifices, the battle had entered its seventh round. People were finally even with the dragons. But it was then that the Great Disaster struck the world. An army of Giant Gorger Dragons, the true enemy of this world, came and devoured all, destroying everything in its path.

And the world was left in darkness.17 years have passed since…

According to a magic tome, there exists a Chosen One who shall summon the heroes to serve him. When the Chosen One awakens in the kingdom’s capital, the time will have come for this story to begin.


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Road To Dragons Hack

Road To Dragons Hack

Road To Dragons Hack Rainbow Crystals & Coins

Road To Dragons Hack


Hack features:

  • Unlimited Rainbow Crystals
  • Unlimited Coins



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